Accessory - Converter & Booster
Model AA002 AD001 AD001H AD001HH CA101
Input / Output In:1*Mic, Out:1*Audio In:1*Video, Out:1*VGA In:1*Video, Out:1*Video,1*VGA In:1*Video,1*Audio(St.), Out:1*Video,1*Audio(St.),1*VGA, 1*HDMI,1*PhoneJack(3.5mm) In:1*Video, Out:1*Video
Feature CCTV Mic,3~5m, DC12V Convert Video to VGA, Resolution:768*576(max) Convert Video to VGA, Resolution:1280*1024(max) Convert Video to VGA,HDMI, Resolution:1920*1080(max) HAdjust Sharpness, Brightness,Video gain amplifier, 1000m, DC12V
Model CB001VH CD102A-U CD102U CD104U CD108U
Input / Output In:1*Video, Out:1*Video In:1*Video, Out:2*Video In:1*Video, Out:2*Video In:1*Video, Out:4*Video In:1*Video, Out:8*Video
Feature Immune interference from video,data,power Video 1 to 2 spilter, Signal adjustable, 1000m(max) Video 1 to 2 spilter, 300m(max) Video 1 to 4 distributor,300m(max) Video 1 to 8 distributor,300m(max)
Model CD116U CD816/U CD816P EP01
Input / Output In:1*Video, Out:16*Video In:8*Video, Out:16*Video In:8*Video, Out:16*Video In:1*RJ45+DC, Out:1*RJ45
Feature Video 1 to 16 distributor,300m(max) 8 to 16 Video Distributor, 300m~C~300m, DC12AC24V Video 8 to 16 distributor,300m(max) POE Tx, 30~40m
Model GL001 HE01S HVY01 IP01 IP01H
Input / Output In:1*Video, Out:1*Video In:1*HDMI, Out:1*CAT5e In:1*HDMI, Out:1*VGA,1*St.Audio, 1*Component(YPbPr) In:1*CAT5e, Out:1*Video In:1*CAT5e, Out:4*Video
Feature Prevent video distortion, eliminate cross talk, colour rolling HDMI to CAT5e extender, 40~60m HDMI to VGA/TPbPr,St.Audio converter, DC5V2A CAT5e/IP to Coaxial conveter, 100~200m CAT5e/IP to 4*Coaxial conveter, 100~200m, DC5V1A
Model IP03 IP04X IP05H PD009 RS001
Input / Output In:1*CAT5e, Out:1*Video In:1*CAT5e, Out:1*CAT5e In:1*CAT5e, Out:4*CAT5e In:1*DC, Out:9*DC In:1*RS232, Out:1*RS485
Feature CAT5e/IP to Coaxial conveter, 1000~1500m, DC5V2A POE Repeater, 120m~C~120m 5 port Gigabit POE Switch, DC48V1.36A 1 to 9 DC Power distributor 1 to 1 RS232 to RS485 converter, 32*Cameras(max), 1200m(max)
Model RS001R RS004 RS016
Input / Output In:1*RS485, Out:1*RS485 In:1*RS232,2*RS485, Out:4*RS485 In:1*RS232,2*RS485, Out:16*RS485
Feature RS485 Data repeater, 1200m(max) 1 to 4 RS232/485 to RS485 Data distributor & converter, 1200m(max) 1 to 16 RS232/485 to RS485 Data distributor & converter, 1200m(max)
Model SP001 SP001P SP001VPD SP002 SP006
Input / Output In:1*Video, Out:1*Video In:1*DC, Out:1*DC In:1*Video+Data+Power, Out:1*Video+Data+Power In:1*Video, Out:1*Video In:1*Data, Out:1*Data
Feature Coaxial video(BNC) surge protector DC power surge protector Coaxial video, data, power surge protector Coaxial video(F) surge protector Data surge protector
Model SP006P SP016C SP016N SP016T SR01
Input / Output In:1*RJ45, Out:1*RJ45 In:16*Video, Out:16*Video In:16*RJ45, Out:16*RJ45 In:16*Video, Out:16*Video In:1*RJ45, Out:1*RJ45
Feature CAT5e / POE surge protector Coaxial video(BNC) surge protector CAT5e / POE surge protector Coaxial video(Terminal) surge protector CAT5e / Data signal extender, 120m~C~120m, DC5V1A
Input / Output In:8*Video, Out:16*Video In:1*Video, Out:1*Video In:4*Video, Out:4*Video In:1*Video, Out:1*Video(Terminal) In:1*Video+DC, Out:1*RJ45
Feature Video receiver distributor, 900/1500m(max) Active video transmitter, 900/1500m(max) Active video receiver, 900/1500m(max) Video Tx Rx, 400/600m(max) c/w cable Video+DC Tx Rx, (Video)400/600m(max),  (DC)50/100m(max)
Model TTP111VPD-RJ45 TTP111VT TTP414VD TVB001 UE04H
Input / Output In:1*Video+DC+Data, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*Video, Out:1*Video(Terminal) In:4*Video or 3*Video+1*Data, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*Video, Out:1*Video In:4*USB, Out:1*RJ45
Feature Video+DC+Data Tx Rx, (Video)400/600m(max),  (DC)50/100m(max) Video Tx Rx, 400/600m(max) Video+Data Tx Rx, 400/600m(max) Immune interference from video,data,power USB to CAT5e signal extender, 50m, DC5V1.2A
Model VC01 VD02 VD04A VE01H VE01P
Input / Output In:1*VGA, Out:1*Video,1*VGA In:1*VGA,1*RS232, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*VGA, 1*St.Audio(jack) Out:4*VGA,4*St.Audio(jack) In:1*VGA, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*VGA, Out:1*RJ45
Feature VGA to Video converter, Resolution:1024*768(max) VGA+RS232 Extender, Resolution:1600*1200(max) VGA 1 to 4 Distributor w/Stereo Audio, DC5V1A VGA to CAT%e convetrter, 50~70m )1920*1200), DC12V0.5A VGA to CAT5e convetrer, 60m(1280*1024) ~ 135m(6408480)
Model VH01
Input / Output In:1*VGA,1*St.Audio, Out:1*VGA,HDMI,St.Audio
Feature VGA to HDMI convetrter w/Stereo Audio, DC5V2A

Model AU801 BA07 PC01S TV06S VA04
Input / Output In:8*Data, Out:1*Data In:1*Mic, Out:1*RCA In:1*RS232, Out:1*Terminal In:1*Video,2*Audio, Out:1*RF In:4*Video, Out:4*Video
Feature 8*Keyboard inputs, control up to 256*speeddome, 1200m(max) Mic RS232 to RS485 converter AV Channel modulator, 200m(max) Video distributor w/gain adjust, 300m(max)
Model W101AV W102T W102R W103T W103R
Input / Output In:1*Video,2*Audio, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*Video+Audio+Data+Sensor, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*RJ45, Out:1*Video+Audio+Data+Sensor In:1*Video, Out:1*Terminal In:1*Terminal, Out:1*Video
Feature AV TxRx c/w audio matching, video couple, 400/600m(max) Active AV+Data+Sensor Tx, 1500/2400m(max) Active AV+Data+Sensor Rx, 1500/2400m(max) Active AV+Data+Sensor Tx, 1500/2400m(max) Active AV+Data+Sensor Rx, 1500/2400m(max)
Model W116R W414VP V-2006 VGA-Ext4 VG-206
Input / Output In:16*Video, Out:16*Video In:4*RJ45, Out:1*RJ45 In:2*Video, Out:6*Video In:1*VGA, Out:4*VGA In:1*RCA,1*SVideo,2*Audio, Out:1*USB
Feature Active UTP receiver, 400/600m(max) UTP+Power Tx Rx, 400/600m(max) 1*In 6*Out or 2*In3*Out Video distributor VGA 1 to 4 distributor, 65m(max) Video+Stereo Audio analogue to digital signal converter

Model V-300LS V-MC01 FUM-F1 FUM-T1P FUM-T9ii
Input / Output In:1*Mic+DC, Out:1*Terminal In:1*Mic+DC, Out:1*RCA In:1*Video+DC, Out:1*Video+DC In:1*Video+DC, Out:1*RJ45 In:1*Video, Out:1*VGA
Feature Mic, Sensitivity: 4~8m(max) Mic, Sensitivity: 3~5m(max) Coaxial video(BNC) + DC surge protector Video+DC Tx Rx Convert Video to VGA, Resolution:1280*1024(max)
Model Video Int./Booster 4*BNC to 1*RJ45/8*Terminal Video Converter/ Balun 2 in 1 out Video Multiplexer 1 in 1 out HD Video Amplifier
Input / Output (Tx)(Rx) I/O : 1*Video (BNC) (Tx)(Rx) I/O:4*Video(BNC),1*RJ45/ 8*Terminal (Tx) In:2*Video(BNC), Out:1*Video(BNC),  (Rx)In:1*Video(BNC), Out:2*Video(BNC) In:1*Video(BNC), Out:1*Video(BNC)
Feature Eliminate interference & Boost up signal, DC12V1A DC12V, Max.Distance : 200~300m, Dimension: 103(w)*28(h)*80(d)mm, Weight: 150g DC12V, (Tx)RF Adjust, (Rx)Video Level Control, Max.Distance : 600m, Dimension: 103(w)*24(h)*97(d)mm, Weight: 150g DC12V, 1Vp-p 75ohm, HF & Gain control, Bandwidth: 120MHz (-3db), Max.Distance: 600m, Dimension: 95(w)*25(h)*85(d)mm, Weight: 200g