Vzor Technology was interviewed by NTV7 (a private television channel) on 23rd February, 2008

    Bravo ! Once again, we have been chosen to inform the general public about CCTV technology !

    On the 13th of February, 2008, NTV 7, our famous television broadcasting station in Malaysia has invited us to share our expertise and experience in using CCTV technology to protect our valuable belongings, businesses, privacy and safety. Our knowledgeable staff, vice manager, Mr Y.Y. Siow, and sales engineer Mr Kenny Kok were providing a special insight into the various types of cctv camera, spy camera, recorders, detectors and other products currently available in the market and in our showroom. They explained the specific application and designated usage of each type of video cameras.

    We appreciated this opportunity offered by NTV 7 to give an overview of our products and their uses in this special morning program. We hope our effort can provide the audience to have a better understanding of CCTV system and how it will assist them.

Video clips from 8.00am TV Breakfast Show on NTV7




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