Timing Electronics was interviewed by Radio Television Malaysia, RTM(National Television) as the authority in CCTV industry.....

    On the 4th of January, 2008, an interview on CCTV technology was conducted by national television of Malaysia, RTM (Radio Televisyen Malaysia) in the showroom of Timing Electronics. The interview was boardcast in the 8 O'clock National News as a special topic of the day. The duration of the feature was about 20 minutes. The sales engineer, Ms. Sharon Kok, was representing our company in this interview.

    Timing Electronics is proud to have been selected as the one and the only spokesperson in the CCTV industry to give comment on the latest CCTV technology developement and social influence of CCTV system usage in Malaysia.

    Timing Electronics would like to express gratitude to RTM for selecting us ! Timing Electronics will continue to work hard to give good professional services and products to Malaysian public.

Video clips from 8.00pm TV News on RTM




Vzor Technology is interviewed by NTV7 (a private television channel of Malaysia) ...

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